A Philly News Anchor Says The Eagles Can Turn Their Season Around . . . If They Stop Having Sex?

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last season, but they’re off to a disappointing 2-3 start so far this year.


A news anchor in Philly thinks he knows the secret to turning things around:  ABSTAINING FROM SEX!


His name is Garry Cobb, and he’s a former Eagles linebacker, so maybe he does know what he’s talking about.


He said, quote, “I would go to drastic measures.  I think they need to go on a fast.  Not a food fast.  The boys need to be cut off . . . from [sex] . . . the goodies!  It fogs up your mind.  They can’t think!”


Clearly, he had sex on the mind.  After the segment, he looked down at his watch and said, quote, “In fact, I’m heading back home right now to handle that business.”




For what it’s worth, Mickey gave Sylvester Stallone similar advice in “Rocky”.


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