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Today clouds, flurries, wind & -9 (Wind Chill = -18).
Tonight, clouds, wind & -10 (Wind Chill -21)
Tmrw., sun, cloud, wind, -4 (Wind Chill -21 in AM & -13 in PM)
Sat., sun & 4.

Everyone is okay after Halifax Regional Police say it responded to a number of crashes in Dartmouth on the circ (Highway 111) and Highway 118.
It says last night, around 5PM it helped out at a two vehicle rear ender westbound on the 118 at Dartmouth Crossing and no tickets were issued.
At 5:22PM it says several vehicles rear-ended each other travelling outbound on HIghway 111 between Mic Mac Mall and Main Street.
No tickets were issued, traffic was effected and a number of vehicles needed towing.
Last but not least, it says around 6:15PM there was a 2 vehicle rear ender on the MacKay Bridge Dartmouth-bound.
One vehicle left the scene and was found shortly after and that driver was issued a ticket for failing to remain at an accident scene.

A 30 year old man is facing charges after thefts from mailboxes in Dartmouth.
Halifax Regional Police say on September 26th it responded to a report several mailboxes were broken into in Highfield and after investigating, a suspect was identified.
He was arrested last night around 9:30PM on Gottingen and will be in court today to face charges including twelve counts of mischief, three counts of theft of mail and one count of break and enter.

A 49 year old man is facing charges for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk aftera 70 year old man and a 70 year old woman were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Police say it happened Tuesday night around 7:30PM on Astral Drive in Cole Harbour.
This offence carries a fine of $697.50.

There’s no charges against RCMP officers relating to a fatal shooting of a Colchester area man.
The Serious Incident Response Team says on May 26, RCMP responded to a complaint a 24-year-old man with a gun was threatening to kill another man in a Westphal home.
The man fled with the gun into a wooded area and he eventually  emerged between Titans Gymnastics and the Mariner Auction and Liquidation Centre on Broom Road.
Three officers commanded him to drop his weapon but it was ignored.
The suspect pointed it in the officer’s direction and the officers fired four shots at him.
Three bullets hit him and he died shortly after first aid begun.
The investigation found it was reasonable for the officers to conclude their lives were in danger and the use of their firearms to shoot the suspect was justified in the circumstances.
Therefore, no charges are warranted against any of the officers involved.

A 39 year old Kings County man is charged with a number of sexual offences dating back to 2013.
RCMP say the victim contacted it in July – and was 16 when the incident started.
Police found evidence that supported the victims allegations.
It says David Harrison’s home was searched, he was arrested and appeared in court yesterday facing charges including sexual exploitation, luring a child and sexual assault.

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